Death to bottled water: KOR Nava, the filtering water bottle, available through Kickstarter

KOR Nava: the filtering water bottle, available through Kickstarter

Bottled water’s great, but man is it costly – economically, environmentally, and even to your health. Whenever I leave the house for uni, for band practice, or to go into town, I prefer to fill a reused plastic bottle with water from my Brita jug – providing my housemates have remembered to refill it – and I’m set. But my Brita jug isn’t always refilled, nor is it available when my humble plastic bottle runs empty. Conundrum.

“How is that a conundrum, Mart? Just refill it from the nearest tap.” I hear you cry. Right. The quality of the tap water where I live is pretty dreadful: at home, in Fleet, the water’s so hard my kettle forms limescale within days; in Cardiff, it’s so full of chlorine I suspect Dŵr Cymru’s primary water source is run-off from the nearby Maindy Centre swimming pool. Both are pretty gross to drink. So, the ability to carry bottled water, filtered automatically regardless of source, would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Enter: the KOR Nava, available via Kickstarter.

The KOR Nava is a beautifully designed water bottle that boasts an integrated water filter system, using activated carbon sourced from coconut shell rather than a synthetic filtration medium – much like the gorgeous Soma water filter and carafe that exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal with ease at the beginning of the year. Simply fill the bottle with water from any tap you like, suck on the ‘ergonomic mouthpiece’, and what you get is fresh-filtered water straight in your mouth. That’s more than great. Not only that, but KOR is confident that each filter is good to treat up to 40 US gallons (roughly 150 litres) of tap water – amounting to around 230 fills of the bottle’s 650ml capacity – meaning that each filter should last around four months if refilling the bottle twice a day from the nearest tap. That’s a lot of water. And how much will all this better-than-bottled water cost you? $35 (£23). Not too shabby.

You might be thinking that £23 for a fancy water bottle is a tad expensive, but each Nava comes with three filters (up from the original one) thanks to a recently achieved stretch goal, so an initial $35 pledge gets you almost a whole year of filtered water. Can you estimate how much your yearly bottled water habit costs? Several hundred monies, I should imagine. A £23 water bottle suddenly looks remarkably affordable, doesn’t it?

The Kickstarter campaign ends in 7 days, with order fulfilment for new pledges due in September. As mentioned above, the $35 pledge tier comes with three filters, and another $10 (roughly £6.50) on top will give you four more filters if you want to hammer the value-for-money factor even harder. International shipping seems a bit steep at $25 (£16), but don’t let that put you off – this thing will quickly pay for itself many, many times over. So what are you waiting for? Back the KOR Nava filtering water bottle on Kickstarter right now, and stop wasting so much money and landfill space on bottled water.


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